Tips in Dealing with a Car Accident

Tips in Dealing with a Car Accident

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fender bender torontoThere are a lot of things that can actually happen to your car over time. You can get a flat tire, a mirror can get broken, or the engine can be too dirty. These things are typical and can easily be solved by changing the tires or through extreme cleaning by mobile car detailing. But in case of a car accident, it is a totally different story.

When you get involved in a vehicular mishap, here are some important things that you must do:

  • Dial 911 and ask for assistance. Check the scene if you see anyone who has gotten hurt due to the incident. If there are any, inform the 911 operator about this so that they can send a medical team immediately.
  • The next people you need to contact are the policemen. It is crucial for them to know that the accident had occurred and some provinces/states even require for the police to be informed before the parties involved in the crash are allowed to move their vehicles. Do not forget to get the officer’s name.
  • Aside from taking the name of the officer, you must also get the names, the addresses and contact numbers of the other drivers involved in the accident. It will also help if you take note of their license plates. When asking for these pieces of information, it would also be good if you give your contact information to them.
  • While exchanging information, do not argue with the other parties as to whose fault it is.
  • It will also help if you get the contact information of the people who witnessed the accident.
  • Take pictures of the damage that the accident had caused. This can be used by the insurance company. Some accidents can have a big damage to the vehicles like dents and broken glasses but there are those that only cause minor scratches which can easily be solved by mobile auto detailing and paint retouches.
  • Call your insurance company and inform them about the incident. The insurance agents should be notified after you call 911 and the police so that they can work on the papers, file reports if needed.
  • Last but not the least, be aware of your rights. Hire an attorney if needed.

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