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“Kyle is one of those people that have a passion for the work he does and it is evident in the final results of the sleek look of the car. I was recommended by a fellow co-worker who was very pleased with the absolute transformation that Kyle performed on the vehicle. Xpert Auto Detailing and the mobile services they offer made the process convenient and enjoyable as I was able to get my work done and have my car detailed at the same time, without waiting at a detailing shop for hours.”


( Porsche 911 Turbo )

“Kyle not only has a unique and convenient business idea with his mobile car detailing service, but he also has a unique set of skills and techniques that allow him to be a highly effective detailer. He is most definitely apt at taking care of any car surface issues with shampooing, waxing and vacuuming. However, what impresses me the most is his ability to take care of the deep scratches and weathering of car paint. The top of my rear bumper was very scratched up from objects resting there before being placed in the trunk. I honestly had no expectation of that bumper being restored – it was simply very heavily weathered and torn up from over 100,000 KMs of use. To my surprise, Kyle worked his magic, and now it looks like new. Combine convenience with high-tech expertise, and you get Xpert Auto Detailing. Give Kyle a call, and you will be pleasantly surprised!”


( BMW 7 Series )

“Hi Kyle, Just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. I want to compliment you on your detailing and expert cleaning and also the care and time you took to do a beautiful job! My husband was equally amazed at how all the vehicles look brand new. I wanted to especially thank you for finding my diamond earring which I had lost last fall. The earring was very expensive and meant a lot to me and the fact that you returned it says a lot about the person you are. Your honesty and integrity are to be commended! Thank you again and we will definitely be calling you again and referring you to our family and friends.”

Rose H

( Range Rover and Aston Martin )

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Volvo electric and hybrid by 2019

Volvo’s decision to electrify all its future powertrains for cars and suvs could mean more business for Canada-based supplier Magna International, which is eager to help the automaker reach its goal. Magna, which ranks third on the Automotive News Top 100 Global Suppliers List, has been supplying the automaker with an electrified rear axle drive

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Planning a Road Trip around Toronto during Holidays

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Toronto is a very interesting place to travel during holidays. It is the biggest city in Canada, and not to mention that it is also the most cosmopolitan. One can take advantage of certain seasons and plan on using mobile auto detailing services before hitting the road. Holidays occur in various seasons and each of

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Decorating your car for the holidays: Why not?

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It’s the time of the year again when you deck the halls (or your living room) with boughs of holly and a Christmas tree for the holidays. But in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, should you go as far as decorating your car as well? Why not? Since you spend a whole

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Should You Winterize Your Car

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People who own cars in Canada have a few more things to consider than automobile owners living in areas with warmer climate. The conditions of the vehicle are affected by many things. In an environment like Toronto, the generally colder climate can mean a tangible difference between a resilient functional car and a badly damaged

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Snow Tires vs. All Season tires

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With the advent of all-season tires, thanks to Goodyear’s Tiempo back in 1977, everyone was relieved that they didn’t have to switch tires with the changing seasons. Eventually, other tire companies followed suit and nearly all vehicles were fitted with all-season tires straight from the factory. Even the replacement tires that came with the new

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Tips in maintaining your tires

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Smart car owners not only check and make sure that their car’s engines are in tip-top shape. They also check the tires and make sure that they last long. This ensures safer ride for the family and more savings for the car owner.

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