Oxidation and Vehicles

Oxidation and Vehicles

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car oxidizationOxidation actually happens more often than most people think it does. One common evidence of oxidation occurs when one slices an apple and the flesh of the fruit turns brown when exposed in the open air for a few minutes.

Vehicle owners must remember that oxidation is one of the things that they should be very careful about since it brings about rusting in the metal parts of a car.

All About Oxidation

  • Scientifically speaking, oxidation is the process wherein oxygen reacts with other substances that the molecules make contact to. These substances can vary from living tissues to metals.
  • Car technicians commonly use the term oxidation when they refer to the rusting of the car. But based on the definition of oxidation, the two terms can’t always be used interchangeably since only metals produce rust during the process.
  • Oxidation could pose a problem for car owners since rusting can damage the exterior part of the car and even the interior metal portions.
  • Once the rust has started to form, it would take mobile car detailing to get rid of the rust and bring back the smoothness and the shine to the body.

Preventing Oxidation

If you ask car technicians and auto detailers, they will definitely recommend that you have your car applied with a protective layer which will help prevent oxidation frequently.

Even the paint in the body of the car can add to the oxidation process especially when the car is frequently used in rainy and windy conditions. If you do not want to pay for auto detailing, then you have to make sure that you do all of the preventive measures necessary to keep oxidation from occurring.

  • A tip that most car detailers give to vehicle owners is that each and every time you have your car washed you can spray on or wipe a single coat of protectant to the entire body.
  • This layer will actually serve as a barrier between the air plus the water and your car.
  • Without the oxygen interacting with your car’s body, oxidation will not occur.

These tips will be necessary if you want to maintain the appearance of your car and be very useful in retaining the value of your vehicle.

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