Getting Rid of Car Stains

Getting Rid of Car Stains

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mobile auto detailing torontoThere are lots of car owners who constantly have the problem of dealing with different types of stains in their cars. Some stains can easily be removed but there are those tough that really stick to the surface of different materials in the vehicle.

There are those who specifically call for mobile car detailing just to have professional detailers deal with these stains with their high end cleaning supplies.

For those who have an inquiry about car stain removal, you can actually try to minimize and get rid of the stains by yourself. But always remember that tough stains found in complex areas must only be handled by experts to prevent damaging the car materials.

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to know what type of stain it is. Does it spread out? Would it seep through the material if you will begin cleaning? You should also know the type of material that the stain has affected. Do not forget that the treatment for leather and vinyl surfaces is different from the upholstered and non-leather materials.
  • Your main goal when beginning to eliminate the stain is to prevent it from spreading. So, grab a spatula and try to remove the surface of the stain if it has hardened. If it is still wet, do not ever wipe it to avoid spreading. Dab the wet stain with absorbent cloth instead. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck off the large pieces of debris that may spread the stain when wiped.
  • You may use a stain remover or a car cleaner spray. But before spraying it all over the stain, look for a spot in the material where it cannot be seen. Preferably under the chair. Spray a small amount there and lightly spread it. If the color does not change and the dye is not affected, the cleaner is safe to use.
  • You can also find auto detailing professionals so they could use steam cleaning to soften the stain and then remove it afterwards especially if it has already infiltrated into different layers of the fabric.

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