Dealing with Scratches in your Car

Dealing with Scratches in your Car

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Car detailing TorontoA lot of car owners always take time to clean and wax the exterior of their vehicles to keep them shiny and looking new. Unfortunately, there are still inevitable events that could lead to scratches in the car.

There are different types of car scratches. It could be a surface scratch or a deep scar. Whatever type of scar it is, it will surely ruin the beautiful view of your car.

Many of the surface scars can easily be remedied through mobile car detailing. The service provider can buff the first few layers of surface paint to neutralize and level the scratch.

For serious large scratches, you might need a paint job. You can contact a local car shop to ask for a one-time offer for that particular project.

If you are just dealing with some minor scratches, here are some ways on how you can get rid of them:

  • Determine if the lines that you are seeing are really scratches or they are simply marks caused by dirt and stains.
    • If they are marks, you just need to do simple things. You can use an adhesive remover or a lacquer thinner to loosen the stains and remove the mark off your surface paint.
    • If you have a background in painting, the best solution that you can do to get rid of scratches in your vehicle exterior is to do some paint touchups.
      • In a touchup paint job, you just have to do few tweaks and cover the scratched area rather than the whole section of the car.
      • You will need to wash the part thoroughly first and follow it with sand paper to smoothen the surface.
      • Choose the paint color which is similar to the color of your car exterior and use a touchup spray to adhere the paint to the scratched area.
      • Unfortunately for beginners, it will be advisable for them to contact professionals to do this trick because they might end up doing more damage to the paint rather than fix it.
        • If you are unsure about what you are doing, you can always ask to have auto detailing and the detailer will try to get rid of the surface scratches. Any deeper scratches will be recommended to a reliable shop nearby.

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