Ways in Protecting Automobile Paint During Winter

Ways in Protecting Automobile Paint During Winter

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winter car careThere are a lot of external environmental factors that can affect your car paint all the time. These include dust, heat, wind and many others. Even during the winter season, the risk of damaging the paint of your car increases due to snow and salt.

If you are living in an area where snow falls heavily during most days, you need to take special precautions to protect the paint of your cars. Snow can actually do a lot of damages not only to the paint of your car but also to the metal components underneath because the moisture from the snow can increase the oxidation and rusting rate.

Here are some tips on how you can protect your vehicle paint during the cold months:

  • Contact a mobile car detailing company even before the winter season sets in. If you regularly have your car detailed, you can clean the car thoroughly from the interior to the exterior and the detailer can add a protectant layer to the car paint that will protect the car from many external factors.
  • As the winter season arrives, wash your car with the use of a car soap that you have bought from an auto store. Professional car soap is a good product to use because it is specifically made to match the pH of your vehicle paint. You need to wash your car when the temperature is not that cold to allow the automobile to dry without the risk of getting ice underneath.
  • After washing the car, you need to apply a protective wax layer to the paint of your vehicle to protect it even further. There are plenty of waxes available in auto stores.
  • Waxing will not be enough during winter so you need to allow the wax to set and apply another protective layer of paint sealant.
  • Use a soft brush or a rubber scraper to remove ice accumulations at the bottom.
  • If you do not plan on using your vehicle during snowy days, just leave it inside your garage with a car cover which is also useful when parking your car outside. Use a soft brush or a rubber scraper to remove ice accumulations at the bottom.
  • After the winter season, call the auto detailing company again so they could clean your car thoroughly.

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