Tips in maintaining your tires

Tips in maintaining your tires

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tire-pressure-0826Smart car owners not only check and make sure that their car’s engines are in tip-top shape. They also check the tires and make sure that they last long. This ensures safer ride for the family and more savings for the car owner.

So how do you ensure that your tires are in great shape? Here are a couple of tire maintenance tips:

  • Inspect your tires at least once a month. Sharp objects, such as nails can get embedded in the tire and cause leaks which could lead to dangerous blowouts while driving. You also need to check on the tire balance, tread wear and tire alignment.
  • Perform tire rotation. This helps improve your tires’ performance and increase their lifespan. When performing tire rotations, each wheel is removed and replaced to a different position. This ensures that all tires wear evenly, thus making them last longer.

It is recommended that you rotate your tires at least every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

  • Check for tire pressure. As you know, tires are known to lose at least 1 psi every month. And if you’re getting ready for a long trip, your tires must have the correct pressure or are inflated properly. An over-inflated tire could burst, while an under-inflated tire won’t have the optimum grip and increase fuel consumption. To check for tire pressure, purchase a tire gauge.

But remember, only check the tire pressure, or increase or reduce tire inflation before you drive your car around.

  • Use only the right tire care products. Some car care products may contain petroleum, acids or alkalis that could damage your car’s tires. If you don’t know the best brands for cleaning your tires, ask your trusted mobile auto detailing for recommendations. They’ll be happy to clue you in on the best brands in the market.
  • Purchase snow tires. All-season tires are only good for warmer weather. But snow tires have the right traction to keep you on the read during winter season. It’s also guaranteed to ensure that your regular tires last for a long time.

Remember that tires that are well-maintained can last longer and can save you more. It will also keep you and your passengers safe from danger.

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