Tips in Protecting your Car’s Body Paint

Tips in Protecting your Car’s Body Paint

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car detailing dyingIf you want to keep your car looking like it is new, you have to protect it from the interior to the exterior. What the public really see is the exterior of your car so you might want to focus on the outside first.

The paint of a car can easily be damaged by external forces such as dirt, wind, dust and even the sunlight. If you want the best method to protect your car’s exterior paint, then you have to visit a detailer and get your vehicle a mobile car detailing procedure.

In between your detailing sessions, here are some tips on how you can keep your car looking shiny and new:

  • Wash your car using the right cleaning products.

Research or ask experts on what solutions are perfect for your car.

Some solutions can actually lighten the intensity of the paint color and it may damage the protectant that is covering your car exterior too.

Make sure that the pH of the cleaning solution is appropriate for use. Always utilize a soft cloth to lather the exterior and use a conditioner to keep the finish shiny.

  • After washing your car, always take the time to dry it too.

If you let your car dry by itself after washing, the water which will evaporate can form water spots and these will not look good on the exterior. It also keeps the car from being shiny.

Many car experts would suggest that you use a cotton cloth or a chamois for the drying process. There are also fabrics that promise to maintain a scratch-free surface.

Always make sure that large debris is already removed because it can definitely cause scratches to the paint once you begin the drying process.

  • Use a clay bar to remove any stubborn grime, oil or residue. These bars can glide onto the surface without causing any type of scratch.

Always apply a protectant solution at the end of your washing. This will lock in the paint color and will keep the exterior conditioned. But even if you do these steps regularly, you should still have your car go through mobile auto detailing at least once or twice a year.

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