Things to Know about Car Detailing

Things to Know about Car Detailing

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mobile car washA lot of car enthusiasts always make sure that their cars are in tip top shape. Aside from changing the oils, fluids and regular engine tune-ups, a very important thing that car owners must do is to clean their cars.

Purposes of Auto Detailing

  • Regular trips to the car wash may help but there will come a time that your car will need a deeper and stronger cleaning. This is when you need to go to an auto detailer to have your car undergo an auto detailing procedure.
  • If you have never went to a car detailer before, you should know that detailing your vehicle takes more than just washing the car’s exterior with foams and bubbles. It performs different steps to make sure that the car is being rid of all the particles, dust and other dirt types even in the tightest junction.
  • The main aim of detailing is to make your car look as if it just went out of the showroom. Detailing can be a complete process from inside to outside but there are also detailers that offer segmented detailing to help let the owner save money. They can have interior detailing today and have exterior detailing the next weekend.

Reasons for Auto Detailing

Different people have various reasons why they have their car subjected to mobile auto detailing. Although people would think that keeping the car clean is the main reason why this process is done, many car owners actually have their car detailed for showing off purposes especially if they enter their vehicle at car shows and showcases.

Types of Detailing

As mentioned, there are different types of detailing.

  • Interior detailing means cleaning every inch of the interior of the car from the dashboard to the chairs.

Liquid cleaners are usually used and brushing is also done to get rid of stubborn dirt.

Vacuuming is performed when dried.

  • Exterior detailing makes your car extremely shiny and looking like new.

This process can remove rust and it also involves coating the vehicle with a protectant.

  • The last type of detailing is engine detailing wherein the engine is being subjected to dirt, dust and grime removal. This will certainly increase the engine’s life and performance.

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