Taking Care of Your Tires in the Spring Season

Taking Care of Your Tires in the Spring Season

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auto tire careAs the season of spring begins, the weather is much milder and the temperature starts to increase. In terms of houses, spring will be the perfect season to do your home maintenance chores. Just like houses, the spring can also be the best time for you to do car and tires maintenance.

Spring Time Checking

The weather during spring will be perfect for checking your automobile especially the tires.

  • One of the things that you need to do is to remove the winter tires and replace them with regular tires.
  • Before storing them, make sure that you wash them thoroughly to remove dirt and debris.
  • Winter tires are very useful during the colder seasons because they offer greater traction. So save these tires for the winter and use regular tires for the warmer months.
  • Store your winter tires in a cool but dry area in your garage. If you are using all- season tires, they can be used all year round. But take time to wash the tires too.
  • When you have a technician perform a mobile auto detailing to your vehicle, you can have the tires washed with them too.

Winter Problems and Recommendation

  • During the winter season, the snow creates an uneven surface to drive on.
  • These irregular surfaces can cause an unbalanced tread in your wheels.
  • So when the snow is gone, have the alignment of your wheels checked and have them realigned immediately if there is a change.
  • If you will not do so, then the tires will eventually wear out much more quickly because the pressure of the suspension and the roads are uneven.
  • You will also need to buy new tires if this happens and will cost you more money than just having them realigned.

Getting Ready for Summer

You also have to make sure that your vehicle and your tires will be ready for the coming summer season.

  • During summer, the roads can be very hot and sudden rain showers can visit anytime.
  • If you think there is a need to buy new tires, buy all 4 at once to be balanced and do it before the summer season.
  • You can always ask the technician to check your tires once you are having your car in the shop for auto detailing in the spring.

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