Leather Seat Care Tips

Leather Seat Care Tips

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leather interior car careMore people today especially the men are replacing their boring seat covers with leather ones. But leather seats should be taken care of very well or the shine and the sleek looks will easily be ruined.

Buying another set of leather seats will also cost you a lot of money so you better maintain the ones that you have right now.

If your leather seats are in need of deep conditioning, you might need the help of the technician for a complete interior auto detailing. But there are also certain steps on how you can take care of the leather in a regular basis.

  • You will need to buy leather cleaner. Do not just buy any type of cleaners for any surfaces. Leather cleaning solutions were made specifically for these surfaces to fill those cracks and at the same time get rid of all the particles that may seep into those crevices causing the cracks to get bigger.
  • When applying the leather cleaner, you have to do it systematically so that you will not miss any spot.
  • Before buying the cleaner, make sure that it does not contain any solvents, gloss agents or oils which can hasten the aging process of your leather.
  • Include those areas where it is harder to reach. You can use a smaller cloth to reach those places.
  • You can even use a scrub brush to clean the leather of the stubborn dirt that has accumulated overtime. But you have to be very gentle and do not scrub vigorously. You will need to agitate and you can use light strokes too.
  • If you scrub aggressively, the top layer of the leather will come off and the surface can get scratched. But if you agitate, the pores of the leather will open up and the oils and dirt will go to the surface where you will be able to wipe.
  • After the thorough cleansing, finish your leather maintenance by applying a protectant or a high quality leather conditioner. Make sure you still read the packaging of the conditioner to check if it does not contain any gloss agents or oils.

Even when you are doing this process, it will still be better if you have your car undergo a mobile car detailing both exterior and interior so that the carpets will be vacuumed and the engines be cleaned.

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