Essential Tips when Using a Clay Bar

Essential Tips when Using a Clay Bar

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Car Detailing Company TorontoWhen you call a mobile car detailing company to have your car cleaned properly, your vehicle isn’t just washed with soap and water but it is actually being washed, lathered, rinsed, buffed, and polished.

One of the things that detailers use in removing different types of contaminants in the surface of the car is the clay bar. If you have tough stains, tiny debris and residues that you need to remove, then a clay bar will be a good choice.

In the past, only detailers use this material but nowadays car owners can buy these clay bars in auto supply stores. But if the clay bar is used inappropriately, it can damage the surface of the paint instead of improving its appearance.

Here are some tips that you should remember when using a clay bar:

  • These clay bars are used for removing different tough stains and debris from the surface of your vehicle because they can easily stick to the clay when they come in contact with each other. So whenever you drop a piece of clay bar on the floor especially after you have kneaded it, you can never use that piece on your car anymore. Small particles of dust and small rocks may stick to the clay and it can cause scratches on your car exterior.
  • Do not use the entire clay bar that you purchased from the store. Cut a small workable piece which has a size big enough to be flattened to the width of your four fingers. Usually, experienced detailers cut the whole chunk of bar clay into 4 equal sizes.
  • Never glide the clay on the surface of the car without using a clay lubricant. You do not want to scratch the car exterior so the lubricant will assist the clay in gliding back and forth while removing the debris.
  • If you are too scared to use the clay bar by yourself, you can easily contact professionals to do mobile auto detailing for you. You can observe what they are doing and how they manipulate the clay so that you can do it by yourself next time.

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