Car Tire Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Car Tire Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

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car detailing torontoIf you have tried hiring a detailer to have mobile auto detailing for your car, you will notice that we professionals really clean your car from top to bottom and from interior to the exterior. These include all of the parts including the wheels.

Unfortunately, the tires and the wheels of the car are among the most common parts that car owners forget to clean. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, the tires can be damaged. Buying a replacement for a damaged tire can be expensive so it will be best if you just take the time to clean it every time you wash your car.

Here are some very useful tips on how you can effectively wash and clean your car tires:

  • Before even applying any type of care product to your tires, it is always advised that you use a hose to rinse the part with plain water. The water and the hosing action can actually help remove those dirt and debris in the surface.

Make sure that all surfaces are wet and try to use a pressurized spray handle to increase the speed at which the water hits the tire.

Leave the tire wet then proceed to the next one. Allowing the tire to soak in water for few minutes can actually help loosen and soften deeper dirt. This process is called pre-rinsing and this is also used in mobile car detailing.

  • When brushing the tires, you can definitely use a wire brush so that tough dirt and road stains can be removed easily. But using a wire brush should be done with extra care. You surely do not want to scratch the surface of your tires.
  • Never use soaps and detergents for household cleaning or laundry. Always make sure that you find a good brand of car care products. Remember that there is a special soap to be used in tire washing. Some substances for household chores can actually damage the rubber and it will contribute to the thinning of the layers of the tires.

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