Basic Information about Winter Tires

Basic Information about Winter Tires

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Winter TiresThe tires are very important parts of the vehicle that owners often neglect to pay attention to. In places where the winter season brings extremely low temperatures and snow, car owners need to regularly check their tires to keep the passengers safe while they are on the road.

Traditional summer tires for the dry season should be replaced with winter tires. For preservation purposes, wheels and tires can be replaced during an episode of mobile auto detailing so they could be cleaned at the same time.

Here are some basic bits of information about winter tires that you ought to know:

  • Importance. A lot of people do not realize the importance of changing their tires. Unfortunately there is a very big difference between summer tires and winter tires especially when it comes to their construction and composition of materials. Summer tires are built for dry roads while winter tires have a different tread design that will help in having better traction and grip to the slippery icy road. Because of this change in composition, changing your tires during the winter season is necessary.
  • Difference between Summer Tires. The main difference between a summer tire and a winter tire is the additional compounding design of the treads that is found in the snow tire which will increase its grip to the road. Aside from that, winter tires also have at least 100 special studs that make the surface of the tire much rougher for a safer drive on an icy road. Studded tires should be used with precaution since some areas of the country do not allow the use of these types due to the potential damage to the road surface.
  • Advisable Time to Change Tires. A very common question among car owners is when will exactly be the best time to change summer tires to winter tires. There is really no correct answer to this because the onset of the winter season in every area can be different throughout the country. But if you ask experts, they will tell you that you need to change your tires as soon as the weather worsens. Do not wait for the snow to get thick before you make a move. When you change your tires, it is also better to get auto detailing to preserve their looks. Make sure that the service provider has a good name in the auto detailing industry.

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